Whatever you do, do not open your door.

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au: When you’re friends with the world’s best consulting detective, lunch is never simply lunch but a code solving, clue finding expedition. 

"If there is a murderer out there right now, and you stole his code… doesn’t that mean he’ll be after you next?"


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"I must say, you seem to be going to great lengths to remember me if you still claim to despise me."

"I don’t need this to remember you killing my husband."

"Let bygones be bygones. We can start anew, you and I."

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for my favourite lovely: refreshedlove

"Kol Mikaelson has been staring at you all night!"

"Please. He’s nothing I can’t handle, Melissa."

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au: Castiel goes to save his sister Caroline from the most feared demon in Hell- Klaus. But he is determined to keep her.

"Release her,"

"Do you really wish to take on the oldest demon in Hell, Castiel? This angel is mine, forsake her or forsake your life."

"You are breaking the rules, demon. You cannot take an angel from the sacred palace."

"I seem to recall you having rebelled, mate." 

sequel to this

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amy: You’re back. You’re not supposed to be back yet.

klaus: And what were you up to while I was gone, love?

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Amy: Klaus.

Klaus: We really must stop meeting like this, Amelia.

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